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What We Do

We deliver the best practice approach by being proactive, diligent and meticulous in everything we do. We constantly strive to improve ourselves by recruiting the best minds, supplying the best technology and equipment and applying out-of-the-box thinking.

Our cyber spécialité allows us to develop surprising solutions which give you the competitive edge.

How we do it

At TORU GROUP we are committed to provide the best service to your organization by applying 3 key principles in our work:

1.     Trust: We deliver on our commitments and guarantee your success.

2.     Drive: We are motivated to ensure your success through our accumulated knowledge, technology and expertise. We operate with a sense of purpose and are confident of our ability to complete our mission.

3.     Innovation: Our innovative, forward thinking approach provides cutting edge technology and equipment while maintaining efficiency and cost effective encompassing system.

Services and Products
  • Cyber Security Solutions

  • Homeland Security (including counterterrorism, border control etc.)

  • Combat Systems and Training (human and tech)

  • Events Security and Crowd Control

  • Prison Security

  • VIP Protection

  • Threat Assessment and Tactical Planning

  • Electronic Warfare

  • Crisis Management

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