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TORU GROUP – Your One-Stop-Shop for all your Cyber Security & Defense needs.

We are dedicated to provide full turn-key solutions, with methodical and practical training, skilled and highly experienced experts and cutting edge technology.

Our clients’ portfolio includes governmental, military and civilian organizations as well as law enforcement and intelligence agencies worldwide.


Our team of experts brings together the most experienced field operators alongside high ranking officers from all sectors of military, security, defense and intelligence. They bring to the table operational combat experience as well as varied knowledge in all relevant sectors. They comprise the most encompassing advisory forum which will envelop your organization with the best solutions, tailored to your every need.

Most of our team members serve as advisors to various agencies and security forums around the globe. As a result, every aspect of your operational needs will be analyzed by skilled, highly experienced experts who will then implement a system that will provide you with the most efficient, cost effective solution.


Cyber Security and Defense Solutions Provider
Cyber Security and Defense Solutions Provider
Our Mission

We aim to provide your organization with the best solutions through the most effective system. We follow several basic assumptions that guide us to the best solution for each of our clients:

  • Accountability:  We deliver on our agreements.

  • Custom tailored solutions for all purposes.

  • Reliable, effective and field-proven equipment and technology.

  • Seamless integration to all missions – critical systems.

  • Comprehensive support throughout the project – up to the last detail.

  • Access to world-class military and security experts.

  • Professional training programs for field operatives as well as technology systems operators.

  • Creative financing and flexible payment terms.

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